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Welcome to Common Vision Property Solutions

Exceeding Expectations

Common Vision Property Solutions was founded on integrity and professionalism, with a goal to continually elevate the communities that we are apart of.  Currently serving Prince Georges, Anne Arundel, Howard and Baltimore Counties, along with Baltimore City, we strive to uplift our communites one property at a time.  In taking properties-in-need from house to home, we are honored to provide affordable & quality homes along the way.  Our company takes great pride in providing high levels of service and quality product.  See our service offerings below. 


Sell My House

Fair Offers and Quick Closings

Sometimes a property is a blessing and sometimes it is a burden.  If you have a property that feels more like the latter, we can help.   
We provide fair cash offers and close quickly so that you can get your cash fast and move on to whatever is next in your life.
Whether it is due to a divorce, an inheritance, bad tenants or deferred repairs, we will be happy to purchase any burdensome property from you.  
Throughout the many years of providing this service to clients, our team has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as easy, efficient and seamless as possible.  Feel free to reach out to us.

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Property Management

Focus on Your Cashflow, Not The Daily Grind

No matter what property management need you have, rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed.

Choose a la carte services.   Or have us take care of it all so that you are freed of the daily management. Services include:
-Service Call Management -Rent Collection & Bookkeeping -Eviction Filing and Court Appearances -Tenant Placement & Screening
-AirB&B Management for Short Term Rentals


Wholesaler Partnerships

A Proven Partner

99% of our property acquisitions come from wholesalers and we truly value the partnerships!  We strive to collaborate on deals that turn out to be a win for all involved.  As a proven cash buyer, we recognize that our Wholesaler partners need a reliable and professional teammate to carry the deals through.  We welcome you to add our company to your cash buyer list and look forward to the future collaboration. 

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